Email Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2023

Email Marketing Trends - Let's get out the crystal ball

At the beginning of the year, I was asked again to take part in  “23 Experts Share Email Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye Out For In 2023” by email uplers. 

Once again, I jumped at the chance to be included.  Here are my thoughts;

Blowing the dust off my crystal ball I can see next year is going to be another great year for Email Marketing. There are a few trends I would like to see become more prevalent:

1. Firstly, Once Again Personalization Will Be Imperative

Personalization will help in getting those lovely subscribers to engage with any brand be it big or small. How they do that will be up to them, but please I beg of you create a strategy so you are not going into blindly or all guns blazing, document your findings.

2. Secondly, AI is Going To Be A Big One This Year, I Feel

3. And Lastly, The One I Am Looking Forward To The Most Is More Interactivity.

I have a few brands dropping into my inbox and doing it well like Disney and BBC, but not many have had a go yet. Obviously, not every email needs to be interactive and I would imagine the resources that it would take might not be for everyone. That being said I do believe we will see more and more interactivity making it into our inboxes, and why not, emails are supposed to be engaging aren’t they?

Email Marketing Trends - Update

Looking back now number 2 on my look into the future seems to have really picked up pace.  AI is everywhere in marketing and email marketing is no different.

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