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Truffleshuffle Media is a brand new, still in the box email marketing consultant.  I have just celebrated my one year freelance anniversary.

TruffleShuffle Media retains that new car smell, although it already has tons of mileage on the dashboard translated to over 12 years of experience in the industry.

Above all my aim is to help businesses reach the next step into the digital world through the use of email marketing. The ultimate goal? Increase their ROI exponentially, be that through sales or leads.

Why would your business benefit from my services?
Because I offer a personal, customised approach for each individual business in order to find the perfect bespoke email marketing solution.

There is no such thing as a too small or a too big job, only interesting projects in the rewarding world of digital marketing. So, with over 12 years of experience in the field, you couldn’t be in safer hands when it comes to experience, but also innovation.

Still not in the email marketing rocketship? You should be!

Our services

Adhoc Email Campaigns

Ideal for businesses who don’t need campaigns scheduled every week or month. I can be there from the start, or middle, or even that final push to provide the best solutions– be it management, design, build or anything digital.

Email Build

Have a design but no time or resources to build it? I can build responsive HTML templates, or use your current platforms for speed.

Template Build

Sometimes all you need is an intuitive email template that you can edit yourself. I specialise in Mailchimp Templates, and other automation templates, having built hundreds over the years.


Your email marketing is only as good as your strategy. Having a good strategy in place is essential to maximise your email efforts–whether we’re talking about your overall business strategy, increase retention, finding new market segments, or just building a one off campaign.


Everyone loves a good automation. An effective automation increases engagement with your clients and streamlines the communication process for your business. As an area that I specialise in, I am able to create from scratch or fine tune automated campaign, so they can do the hard work in your place.

Consultancy & Training

For those who need a helping hand, a fresh approach, or simply want to be pointed in the right direction. I’ll be here to share my knowledge, so you can improve your marketing results.

I also offer inhouse training on email marketing best practice.


"Approached Ben to help me with an email template and he transformed what I’d done very quickly. The finished product - the email template - was perfect. If you’re looking for an email marketing expert, Ben is your man."
"Ben created an email marketing campaign for Lapin Logic Ltd. It was absolutely brilliant plus it was reasonably priced. I really can't recommend Ben highly enough. A top bloke."
"Wow, where do I even start! Ben was my go-to guy found here on LinkedIn when I needed some help with my email marketing. I personally understand email marketing but not at the level of this guy Ben. Let’s put it into perspective, Ben carried out an email marketing campaign for one of my companies, the first email went out and had a 70% open rate, 50%+ click through rate and I’ve 120 registrations on the website. A resend to those who didn’t even interact with the first email was still brilliant and well over a standard Industry open and click rate. Not only are the results great his designs are fantastic, his reporting is absolutely on point and he automates everything so you personally can just get on with what you know best. BEN IS YOUR GO TO EMAIL MAN! Thanks Ben!"

Case Studies

Background: A well known butchers based in Greater Manchester supplement their shop income by running an online store.

Problem: Online sales were very poor given a subscription list of 15K + with open rates between 8 and 10%, with a low CTR of <1%.  Emails didn’t make sense when open in email due to lack of design.

Solution: Create a new template that is easily updated and optimised for mobile, segment data into those who engage and didn’t.  Create a re-engagement campaign, and set up welcome and abandoned cart automations.

Result:  Increased Open Rate > 20%, CTR > 2.5% with a conversion rate of 11% within the first month, and email now makes up over 55% of the online shop turnover.

Background:  A clothing line you can find in a certain high street sports shop, was moving over from Mailchimp as they believed they had out grown it.

Problem:  There weren’t any automation set up that could be seen as bringing in vital ROI.

Solution: A creation of a template that can be easily modified, and set up of a welcome automation, abandoned cart and browser abandonment.  I was also tasked with campaign management over the Black Friday week.

Result: All automations set up and bringing ROI in that was missed before the move, and in terms of campaign management email marketing brought in over 30% of all website revenue within the week of Black Friday, hitting a peak of 42%.

Background:  Motivational events company have free preview events throughout the country (up to 80 per year) in which they sell the main event.  The free events are promoted via PPC and Social which drives traffic to a landing page

Problem: Due to the events being free to attend, they have a very low turnout.

Solution: Create a nurturing automations and workflow using dynamic content that feeds from each webform, reducing the need to create 80 x campaigns.

Result: Subscribers were engaged and turnout increased by 15%, the use of dynamic content saved the company 100s of hour recreating emails.  The automations set in place also helped to increase sales.

Background: A leading telecommunications company in their field was looking to create a lead generation campaign, the purpose was to launch a new product from their ever expanding range.

Task: Create a suite of emails from several designs and manage the campaign, including sends, data manipulation and reporting.

Result: Unique open rate of 37% with a CTR of 12.5%, which lead to several key appointments being set and therefore a great return on investment.

Like what you have read so far?

Email Marketing Platforms

Here is a mighty fine list of the platforms I currently use, if yours isn’t on there don’t worry, I will research and learn your at no extra cost to you.

I am Bronto certified, and currently working towards becoming part of the Mailchimp Partner Programme. 

Industries Covered (so far)

So far I have been very lucky to work with all kinds of businesses from a wide spectrum of B2B and B2C industries:

I am a true believer that when it comes to email marketing most of the skills are transferable from one industry to another.

A Little bit about me, Jam

Sooo, I am Jam (or Ben, that’s right I am not called James or Jim but BenJAMin).  

I began my marketing journey in 2007, starting as a web designer then quickly evolving into an all-rounder digital marketer. Back then, the mission was to get my hands dirty and attempt to work with as many disciplines as I could.

That’s why I decided to plunge into it and work on everything, from email (obviously) to adwords, from brochure design to complete marketing strategies. Long story short, no marketing stone was unturned.

This gave me a greater understanding of the marketing landscape, and by the end of 2014 I could see which path I wanted to concentrate on. It was and still is Email Marketing.

What’s the reason behind my choice?

Because I consider it to be the best, most reliable marketing approach to obtain results.

I also enjoy the technical aspect, the creativity, strategy, reporting and more importantly, I take pride in helping companies succeed in a medium that offer constancy and engagement. And that translates into stable revenue stream and brand recognition.

I have been lucky enough– though I believe you make your own luck in this industry through results and a hefty ROI– to work with many businesses, in numerous industries since the beginning of TruffleShuffle Media.

The name, if you hadn’t of guessed, comes from my love of The Goonies. Just check the trailer if you haven’t seen it..

For any enquiries send message