Sooo, I am Jam (or Ben, that’s right I am not called James or Jim but BenJAMin) and I am the best email marketing dude in the whole land (maybe).

I began my marketing journey in 2007, starting as a web designer then quickly evolving into an all-rounder digital marketer. Back then, the mission was to get my hands dirty and attempt to work with as many disciplines as I could.

That’s why I decided to plunge into it and work on everything, from email (obviously) to adwords, from brochure design to complete marketing strategies. Long story short, no marketing stone was unturned.

This gave me a greater understanding of the marketing landscape, and by the end of 2014 I could see which path I wanted to concentrate on. It was and still is Email Marketing.

What’s the reason behind my choice?

Because I consider it to be the best, most reliable marketing approach to obtain results.

I also enjoy the technical aspect, the creativity, strategy, reporting and more importantly, I take pride in helping companies succeed in a medium that offers constancy and engagement. And that translates into a stable revenue stream and brand recognition.

I have been lucky enough– though I believe you make your own luck in this industry through results and a hefty ROI– to work with many businesses, in numerous industries since the beginning of TruffleShuffle Media.

The name, if you hadn’t guessed, comes from my love of The Goonies. Just check the trailer if you haven’t seen it.