We’re all doomed I tell ya

Ever since the introduction of direct email marketing, people have forecasted its demise time and time again. Nowadays, with the enforced GDPR changing the rules of the game, email marketing is considered yet again to be on the brink of extinction.

To fully understand how and why marketing campaigns based on emails are here to stay, or on the contrary, are living their last days, let’s take a bit about the history of email marketing, so we can understand its future.

The first mass email used for a commercial purpose was sent in 1978 to promote DEC machines to 400 users. Right from the beginning, it became the strongest contender for the prize of best channel for direct marketing, though it has been looked more like an experiment than a marketing strategy.

Yet, the experiment proved successful, and the world of marketing just got a new marketing channel. Needless to say that the demise of the email marketing has been stated, restated, re-restated, re-re-re-stated every time a new advertising gimmick hit the market.

Also, there is a new asteroid nowadays called GDPR, ready to hit the planet of email marketing and wipe out the entire email population. Or so it is believed.

Considering the low cost of this marketing vehicle–sometimes even free–and the fact that it offers constancy, visibility and measurable interaction, email marketing is still expanding at a steady pace in the digital environment, and it’s still the top option in reliable digital advertising.

The only difference than before GDPR will be in the fact that the quality of the content will be improved and companies are starting to become more responsible on how they use customer data and what type of messages are they ready to deliver.

To summarise, email marketing is here to stay and provide results.

It has done so ever since 1978 and enforced policies such as GDPR or others will only make email marketing a more reliable tool in the hands of those who know how to use it.

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